Science and Technology Department is engaged in utilization of New and Renewable Sources of Energy for meeting the needs of people with focus on un-electrified villages/hamlets and other deficit areas besides harnessing the potential of Science & Technology as instrument of Socio Economic change. The Science and Technology has two wings under its Administrative Control viz J&K Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA) and J&K State Science, Technology & Innovation Council (JAKSSTIC).  The working /functioning of these wings is as under:-

(A) J&K Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA)

The J&K Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA) for all districts of J&K except Leh & Kargil and Ladakh Renewable Energy Development Agency (LREDA) for Leh and Kargil Renewable Energy Development Agency (KREDA) for district Kargil has been established with broad based objectives aimed at harnessing all forms of renewable energy. The objectives include:-

  1. Diffuse useful knowledge in the various fields of energy and thereby to deal with the problem caused on account of rapid depletion of Non-renewable sources of energy and the increasing pollution caused by the conventional uses of energy
  2. Promotion, investigation, establishment, execution, installation and maintenance of projects aimed at meeting the energy requirements of remote villages by harnessing new and renewable energy such as solar, wind, bio-gas and micro hydel projects.
  3. Carrying on the business of electricity generation in the field of all new and renewable sources of energy.
  4. Preparation of master plan for the entire UT for utilizing all viable forms of new and renewable energy.
  5. Formulation of proposals for setting up energy plantation projects and popularization of such measures.
  6. Area based approach at the grass root level with community participation.
  7. Promotion and development of project based on New and Renewable Energy.
  8. Implementation of Rural New and Renewable Energy Programmes.
  9. Promotion of Non-Conventional Energy Sources/Programmes of the Ministry or New and Renewable Energy.
  10. Mass Awareness Programmes regarding energy conservation and New and Renewable Energy.
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(B) J&K  Science, Technology & Innovation Council (JAKSSTIC)

             The J&K Science, Technology & Innovation Council (JAKSSTIC) endeavors to harness the potential of Science and Technology as instrument of socio-economic change and strives to ensure that efforts in Science and Technology are not only restricted to scientific laboratories and academic institutions but percolate to the grass root, so that science, technology and innovation increasingly become part of the every day life of our UT.

Scheme Aims & objectives
The schemes/ programmes of the Science & Technology aim at development of Science and Technology infrastructure, enlarging /generating the poll of science and technology manpower, promoting and stepping up support to research and development for socio-economic development. Nurture young students to take up higher studies for pursuing scientific research as a career. Establishing globally competitive research facilities and centre of excellence apart from these crucial areas of S&T sector, the Council devotes to popularization of Science & Technology to evolve methods of promoting applied scientific and technological research which will stimulate the optimum utilization of the UT’s potential including all natural, human and material resources. Catalyzing industry academia collaborations for development and flow of technologies from laboratory to the market place and for the industry to invest more in science and technology infrastructure in the UT.

             Promoting strong linkages with other Science and Technology agencies of Government of India in the area of science and technology like Department of Science and technology, National Council for Science and Technology Communication, Department of Biotechnology, National Council for Science Museums, etc for participation in national science initiatives for the overall socioeconomic and Scientific development of the UT and accordingly in addition to state plan support science and technology Council mobilizes token “Project based assistance” from various agencies of Government of India. The efforts put in, thus help the other development departments of the UT to adopt new and advanced technologies in their respective fields.

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